Why choose a central vacuum ?
11 factors to consider.

Nowadays, central vacuums offer many interesting features, advantaging them over portable vacuum cleaners. Here are eleven to consider :


Power is measured in AirWatts and determines the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency. Central vacuums offer the most power, and Husky models are 5 to 8 times more powerful than canister vacuums.

2. Noise / Sound level

All vacuums have a sound level index measured in decibels, as do other appliances (e.g. dishwashers). There is often a choice to be made between power and sound level for a vacuum cleaner, except in the case of central vacuums since the motor is usually installed in an out of the way area such as the basement or garage. Husky central vacuums have the benefit of being ultraquiet as well as powerful with the new low-noise technology of their thru-flow motors.

3. Durability

With minimum maintenance, a central vacuum of superior quality will last more than ten years, or even a lifetime. To the opposite, regular portable vacuum cleaners are generally replaced every 5 to 8 years. As in many cases, investing a bit more for something durable that costs less to use on the long run is often worth it.

4. Warranty

The warranty is important for all types of appliances, particularly if you are making a long-term investment with a central vacuum. This investment is equally significant for your life quality as for the added value to your home. Make sure to read in detail what the warranty includes, especially regarding parts and labour.

5. Filtration Quality

The filter’s quality tells how well your vacuum cleaner retains the dust that is sucked. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, this consideration is important for you. In the best cases, the filter will be a HEPA-type (H12: minimum filtration efficiency of 99.5 %; H13 : 99.95 % and, finally, H14: 99.995 %) to eliminate the smallest airborne particles. Many Husky central vacuum models offer a HEPA-type double filtration with a permanent filter and a filtration bag for maximum efficiency.

6. Maintenance

All vacuum cleaners require maintenance more or less often, as for the cleaning of the canister or the replacement of the filtration bag. The greater the capacity, the lesser the maintenance. Central vacuums generally have a much greater dust capacity than portable vacuum cleaners.

7. Surface Types

Whether it be for carpets, hard surfaces or upholstered furniture, vacuum cleaners often perform better on some surfaces than others. In the case of central vacuums, the range of attachments is practically unlimited and there is only to choose depending on your specific needs.

8. Hard to Access Areas

Can the vacuum cleaner access easily every corner of your home, under and behind the furniture and the ceilings ? When it comes to central vacuums, the various available attachments will cater to all your needs.

9. Weight / Ergonomics

Canister vacuums are the most widespread, but can be a hassle to move because of their size, especially in staircases. If you have health problems or back pains, this consideration is important. Central vacuums require a single hand to handle the light flexible hose.

10. Cleaning radius

The cleaning radius is the area you can cover with a vacuum cleaner without having to reconnect the appliance or flexible hose. Cordless vacuums offer the best cleaning radius for obvious reasons, but are also less powerful since they must rely on batteries. Central vacuums offer an excellent compromise between power and cleaning radius due to their piping that is generally installed as to service one floor per inlet.

11. Automatic Shut-Off

This feature allows a running appliance to shutdown automatically when the canister is full, preventing damage, spills and power lost. Many Husky central vacuums are equipped with this feature.

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